Rites of Passage

We are a grassroots community driven group, committed to supporting and mentoring young people of the earth through conscious Rites of Passage.

Amongst traditional cultures of the world, acknowledgement of the transition from child to adult was considered an important milestone. In this modern time we seek to remember and re-establish this tradition for the people of our community.

rite of passage

For teenage girls.

This program has been designed for adolescents who identify as female, or non-binary/gender neutral, with a desire to move consciously across the threshold into adulthood.

The program is open to ages 14-17.

If you wish to register for our upcoming Teenage girls Rite of Passage Weekend you can do so HERE.

I feel like I am walking in my own feet now. I think this rites of passage is about belonging, being part of my community, belonging to myself and the environment.
Teen participant - Rites of Passage 2023

What does a Rites of Passage involve?

The Rite of passage involves 3 stages;

Individuals will step away from everyday life in community / family.

The liminal space during which a physical challenge will be undertaken.

Emerging from the experience, stepping into your role/identity, with a deeper knowing of self.

The community welcomes, acknowledges, celebrates and validates each individual upon return.  

What does it cost?

We are a volunteer organisation and receive no external funding. No profits are made.

We aim to make this Rite of Passage as accessible as possible.*

To do this we use a sliding scale payment system with two parts.

Requested deposit (sliding scale):

Please pay the requested deposit option that best suits you if you are able OR speak to us if you are unable to do so and we will make alternative arrangements.

Sliding scale**

$150 per person to secure a place
$200 per person to secure and place and partially sponsor another family in need
$300 per person fully to secure a place and fully sponsor a family in need


Balance of the payment (sliding scale):

Balance of the payment for the weekend is also on a sliding scale**

$200 – $1400 (in addition to the deposit)


Bank details will be sent once registered.

*We know that it isn’t always possible to pay what you wish you could. We want everyone to have access to this ceremony, regardless of finances. We encourage you to pay from a place that feels genuinely giving and honouring yourself and your means.

**Payment by sliding scale means you pay what you can afford and is based on an honour system. The lowest end of the scale covers the most basic costs of the program, the upper end of the scale allows us to cover costs and also support people with lower incomes, to support the land, infrastructure, equipment and the community involved.

If cost is prohibitive, talk to us, really!

NB: the cost of running this event is around $450 per participant – that’s every person, including all volunteers. With your contribution, we endeavour to cover the cost of feeding all volunteers for the weekend.

The WROP was something my daughter wanted to do, however initially I wasn't so keen. Any doubts I had however were swiftly dispelled. The experience was not only deeply loved by my daughter, it moved me in ways I did not expect, and gave me an appreciation of this community and an experience I am so glad I shared.
Lisa D
Adult participant - Rites of Passage 2023

Our team.

Castlemaine Girls – Womanhood Rites of Passage is facilitated by a diverse group of local women, passionate about supporting young women to make a conscious transition to womanhood.

Working together to create a rich and interesting (extended) weekend experience, women involved in our group recognise their own unique contribution towards weaving together the threads of community and honouring this unique time in a young woman’s life.

We are...
Song Makers

Out facilitators have a broad range of qualifications and life experiences.

Collectively our group contains many qualifications and lived experiences that support the Rite of Passage events including:

Social Work, Community Development, Occupational Therapy, Health modalities, Nature Connection, Mentoring, Ceremony holding, Art, Film-making, Herbalism, Non-Violent Communication and Environmentalism.

We work closely with the men of Castlemaine Rites of Passage, both in supporting our respective events, and to co-create events that support our larger community.

I was quite apprehensive about attending the weekend, but wanted to support my daughters and the program.

It was a most amazing weekend. I enjoyed connecting with my daughters and the wonderful women who attended, either as supports or Mum's or ‘aunties’. It made me realise that this communal style of living has been lost and how important these connections are.

It allowed me time to reflect on and to gain inner awareness and growth and to challenge myself in ways I haven't before.

I would thoroughly recommend this program to anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves and their children. I'm sure that I got as much from this weekend as my daughters.

Adult participant - Rites of Passage 2023

Community events.

We offer other ROP related events within the community, including Full moon circles. These are a great way to engage with ROP program offerings, to meet our team and get a feel for what we offer.

Men’s Rites of Passage

We work together with the Men’s Castlemaine Rites of Passage team, who offer programs for Men and for Teenage Boys.

More information about the Men’s ROP can be found HERE. 

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We look forward to meeting you and supporting you and your family through this important Rite of Passage in your life.

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