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Pathways Foundation

The Pathways Foundation is a National harm prevention charity that assists young people make the fundamental emotional shift from being a child to becoming a young adult.


Youth Passageways

Youth Passageways is an evolving network of individuals, organizations, and communities who help regenerate healthy passages into mature adulthood for today’s youth.


The Rites of Passage Institute

The Rites of Passage Institute has over 25 years of experience developing and delivering programs throughout Australia and the world. Our mission is to help all people and communities thrive. To achieve this vision, we have created programs surrounding wellbeing, leadership development and personal development, to suit all ages, organisations and communities. The Rites of Passage framework is embedded into all of our transformational programs and is the driving force behind our exceptional results.


School of Lost Borders

The School of Lost Borders offers vision fast and rites of passage training which cultivate self-trust, responsibility, and understanding about one’s unique place within society and the natural world. Its programs provide guided opportunities, perspectives, teachings, and much needed self-reflection time in a non-judgmental yet challenging environment.