Rites of Passage

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A contemporary, community based rites of passage process to empower men, young and old, with an authentic sense of self and a positive place within community. The process helps enable boys, and men, to make the fundamental emotional shift from being a child to becoming a man to be able to contribute more positively to their broader community.

This process has roots in many cultures and traditions, with a recognised need to re-establish a positive transition into manhood. In so doing dysfunctional initiation events are circumvented.

The experience is safe, full and engaging and it invites you to connect as a group, learning about yourself and others through shared stories of the everyday and the profound. All boys attend with their father or a significant adult male in their life. The mothers and partners are also an integral part of the event and have their own process as part of the whole experience.

Rites of Passage

My Wounds Are Your Wounds – Lachie sings from the heart

It is recognised that the transition from boy to man does not occur naturally and that a significant event is required for this to happen. Without such an event there is a significant risk that the boy will grow into a man’s body but still be a boy within. This can lead to frustration, anxiety, and a lack of belonging that can lead to both personal and social unhappiness

We believe a positive male role model is one that encompasses responsibility, respect, authenticity, compassion, loyalty, social and environmental consciousness, and a willingness to connect deeply with themselves, their family, and their community. If this is to be attained then we believe that growing up emotionally intelligent is essential. A Rite of Passage is a positive way to start the journey of a boys transition to this model of positive manhood.